TV and Radio Services

We have an innovative software solution to help radio and TV stations stay ahead of their listener’s or viewers satisfaction trends and flexibility. Our solution provides a better communication experience for your listeners or viewers and helps your radio/TV station reach their audience or viewers with ease. The solution also generates extra revenue for your radio/TV station. Please find below the services where our solution are used by our radio/TV clients:

Live SMS Audience/Viewers Feedback

Listeners or viewers send their feedback, opinions and questions by SMS, directly to the radio/TV presenter or producer. Messages from listeners or viewers can be evaluated by the producer or presenter.

Live SMS Music Requests :

There are a large number of music shows on radio/TV air each day. Improve your live music shows by accepting music requests on SMS from your listeners or viewers.

Live SMS Voting

Do you have a talent show, a talk show, a live debate or other shows that can benefit from the opinion from your listeners or viewers? Allow them to be part of it by offering live SMS voting.

Trivia and Quiz Contests

Ask listeners or viewers general questions and give small prizes or airtime to the winners. This would add your radio/TV staion more listeners or viewers.

Live SMS Events

Use SMS to engage your radio/TV listeners or viewers during any live event. This will add a new dimension to your live events, and can be used to generate loyalty and increase listener’s or viewer's satisfaction.

Live SMS Sports Updates

Allow your listeners or viewers to sign up for a sports update for their preferred sports or teams and send them the latest results from games and matches around the world.

Live SMS Breaking News

When people subscribe to your breaking news service, they will be sent any breaking news and they will keep getting reminded of your station every time they get your news SMS.

Live Call-In Voice Services : This allows listeners to call-in and talk to the presenter live during any program or show.