Mobile Insurance

Our SMS insurance services enables insurance companies to send mobile messages to their customers reminding them of various information particularly the expiry date of their respective insurance plans.
Customer Records
Insurance companies can upload various data attributes including but not limited to customer name, customer phone number, policy/service name, policy/service identification number, premium amount, expiry date, property attribute (e.g. vehicle number, plot number etc).
SMS Alerts
The application enables insurance companies to create customized messages to go to customers by specifying where the application should insert record details/variables in the format of the messages such as: Hello [name], your policy [policy_name] is due to expire on [expiry_date]. Please renew your policy, premium [premium].
The service helps to increase revenue as insurers will remember to renew their policies and pay on time, The application can be customized according desired specifications, Through an API the application can be intergrated with existing systems such as accounting/billing system such that it doesn’t send alerts to customers who have paid.